Napkin Sketch Productions

An Independent Production Entity Dependent On Good People

Fruits of Peace

A documentary film

(working title)

Jeff, Roland, Stephen, and Roy’s father’s plane was shot down in North Viet Nam, and he never came home after being classified as a Prisoner of War, but 50 years later those principal people involved with the plane being shot down have invited the four sons to Viet Nam, therefore they want to visit Viet Nam to walk in their father’s footsteps with those that were involved.

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Tour de Farce

A play

Never one to let boredom reign, Peter sets a new high water mark of stunts by participating in this year's Tour de France from the comfort of his own one-bedroom share in the Lower East Side.  Ryan, the roommate for ten years, dating back to their college years, has come unfolded by Peter's latest.  Time, and Peter's terminal cancer, will only tell how much longer they will cycle together.

Tour de Farce appeared in July 2014 in Washington DC as a selection in the Captial Fringe Festival


A film

A self-destructive amputee reflects on his troubled youth while drifting through the harsh streets of Baltimore.  Forced to withdraw into his own drug-addled mind, Martin is man who is stuck in a moment, constantly reliving the events of the day that changed his life forever. Tracks is a searing portrait that grips us, as layers of the past peel away to reveal the painful road map of one man's life.


Found in Korea

A documentary film

Nam Holtz, abandoned in 1975 as an infant, returns to South Korea for the first time in over 35 years to search for her birth family and her culture.  What Nam did not expect to find was the complex web of local and cultural influences that prohibits Koreans from adopting their own.  



A film

A dramatic thriller about powerful people preying on those that will do anything to relieve their financial pressure.